Central Asian University (CAU) Raises the Bar in Sustainable Tourism

Central Asian University is proud to announce that Dr. Gulnoza Usmonova, a professor at CAU Business School, has been selected and has successfully completed the Sustainable Tourism Destination Management program at Cornell University, an Ivy League institution. This achievement becomes even more remarkable as Dr. Usmonova received full funding for this program from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, The Travel Foundation, courtesy of The Cornell Sustainable Tourism Asset Management Program (STAMP).

The Sustainable Tourism program that Dr. Gulnoza Usmonova successfully completed is designed to train global hospitality and tourism professionals and executives in utilizing sustainable practices across all sectors of the tourism industry. This is a significant step in ensuring sustainable tourism development in Central Asia and providing a platform for knowledge exchange and transfer.

Dr. Gulnoza Usmonova joined the prestigious Cornell academic community, allowing her to expand her practical knowledge base and actively engage in discussions on current issues and prospects for sustainable tourism destination management in Central Asia.

Professor Usmonova emphasizes that her participation in this program has expanded her understanding of sustainable tourism practices and provided her with valuable tools to apply in practice. It has also afforded her a unique opportunity to collaborate with experts from various countries and enrich her experience.

For Central Asian University and the entire academic community, this is a significant achievement that underscores our commitment to the development of sustainable tourism in the region. We congratulate Dr. Gulnoza Usmonova on this impressive accomplishment and look forward to her continued outstanding work in the field of business and sustainable tourism.