Prof. Dr.Niladri Maiti, PhD
Dean of CAU Dental School
DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) is a five-year program that provides students with the professional skills necessary for practising clinical dentistry. The program enables students to build an enriched foundation in all dental speciality branches. Students should complete the foundation Pre-Dental School (one academic year) before starting with Core Dental subjects. Education at the university is conducted in English.

The Dental School of Central Asian University also gives fundamental insights to students who wish to have a career abroad by empowering different workshops on International Entrance Examinations, Academic Counseling etc. Dedicated study clubs are designed to keep our students updated with recent advances. The Dental Program of Central Asian University is the only program in the country that emphasises Implantology and Laser Dentistry to create versatile clinicians, researchers & academicians.

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