Dr. Uktam Ablakulov, PhD
Dean of CAU Engineering School

As Dean of the CAU Engineering School, I sincerely welcome you to our School, which brings together an outstanding community of students, faculty, and staff members. I invite you to look through the web pages of our programs and faculty members to learn more about the wide range of courses we offer and the impressive research by our faculty members.

At the Engineering School, we align a curriculum and all academic processes at the level of the world's top universities and pay great attention to their integration with research and development. And we have the necessary experience and knowledge to attain our goals. What is important is that we have highly qualified faculty members who have studied and worked in the world's best universities and research institutes.

Explore our diverse range of faculties and choose your desired career path from various academic programs.
Encounter our proficient experts excelling and taking charge in their respective industries and disciplines.
Designed to make quality education accessible to all aspiring students.
Unlock your potential with our range of scholarships, designed to reward academic excellence

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