Dr. Murodbek Ahrorov, MD
Dean of СAU Medical School
Central Asian University School of Medicine was established according to the presidential decree #3450 dated December 29, 2017 to improve the quality of education and training of physicians to meet the international competency requirements and build healthcare research capacity to address current challenges.

The primary goal of the School of Medicine is to inspire leaders in the field of Medicine and to train the next generation of healthcare providers who are able to demonstrate adequate knowledge, practical skills, competencies, values, behaviors, and attitude which meet established professional standards, supported by the best available medical evidence, with the best interest of the patients’ health and well-being. We believe in fostering collaboration practices, bringing interdisciplinary sectors together, and the development of lifelong learners who can adapt to the ever-changing needs of global healthcare.

School of Medicine aims to enable a greater impact on the health and well-being of the population locally, nationally, and globally, to inspire the community by leading health systems changes. We strive to create a world where comprehensive and accessible technology empowers us with opportunities, for innovation, creativity, and sustainable progress.

Today Central Asian University School of Medicine has an unprecedented opportunity to build momentum and become one of the leading institutions in academic medicine nationwide.

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