Central Asian University has opened a new center for international IELTS and Cambridge Assessment exams.

Central Asian University (CAU) is thrilled to announce the inauguration of its new center for international IELTS and Cambridge Assessment exams, a significant milestone achieved through a strategic partnership with Edu Action, the pioneering IELTS Test Centre in Uzbekistan accredited by IDP Australia. This momentous collaboration heralds a new era for the university, underscoring its commitment to academic excellence and its ambition to broaden its global footprint.
The memorandum of understanding with Edu Action paves the way for the establishment of an on-campus center dedicated to administering IELTS and Cambridge Assessment international exams. This initiative is designed to provide all candidates with the opportunity to prepare for and undertake these exams in a supportive and conducive environment. The center is a testament to CAU's dedication to facilitating access to global educational standards and enhancing the academic and professional prospects of its students.
In addition to exam services, the partnership will see the introduction of a series of enriching training sessions and seminars led by distinguished international experts in education. These events aim to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their academic and career endeavors.

Central Asian University views this collaboration with Edu Action as a pivotal advancement in its ongoing mission to deliver top-tier education and to forge pathways for students to achieve international career success. The university remains steadfast in its resolve to innovate and to offer programs that meet the evolving needs of its students and the broader academic community.