AKFA University Students Excel at Startup Weekend Tashkent Women's Edition

We are thrilled to announce that five talented students from AKFA University Business School and Medical School showcased their entrepreneurial prowess at the Startup Weekend Tashkent Women's Edition hackathon, an esteemed event affiliated with the renowned Techstars startup accelerator in the USA. Held from May 19 to May 21, this competition provided a platform for aspiring female entrepreneurs to develop innovative ideas and transform them into viable startup ventures.

The students (Shakhrizoda Yuldasheva, Oqila Hakimova, Sarvinoz Umarova, Afifa Abdujalilova, Elnoz Khodjaeva) demonstrated exceptional passion, resilience, and teamwork. Working in different startup teams, they showcased their entrepreneurial acumen and secured well-deserved nominations in two key categories: "Best customer validation" and "Best market potential and competition." These achievements are a testament to their ability to validate customer needs, assess market potential, and position their startup ventures effectively.

Winning the "Best customer validation" and "Best market potential and Competition” nominations highlight our students' aptitude for understanding and addressing the needs of their target audience. Through comprehensive market research and meaningful customer interactions, they successfully validated their ideas and developed solutions that catered to the specific requirements of their customers.

We congratulate these exceptional students for outstanding performance at the Startup Weekend Tashkent Women's Edition. Their accomplishments highlight their brilliance and signify the quality education and support provided by AKFA University.