Central Asian University Presents Exclusive Guest Lecture by Renowned Entrepreneur and Author Margulan Seisembay

Tashkent, Uzbekistan – Central Asian University is pleased to announce an exclusive closed guest lecture by the accomplished entrepreneur, billionaire, investor, and international author, Margulan Seisembay. The event is scheduled to take place on November 18th at 17:00 at the Central Asian EXPO (CAEx) in Tashkent.

Margulan Seisembay is known for his vast experience in startup development and substantial profit generation. During this lecture, he will share his proven success strategies, shedding light on how strategies and knowledge employed in real-world business can be instrumental in paving your path to success. Attendees will gain insights into the art of delegation and adapting to change, which can unlock doors to new opportunities.

This exclusive opportunity offers valuable lessons on achieving financial success and overcoming obstacles in business, drawing from Margulan Seisembay's tried-and-true strategies and wealth of knowledge.

Date: November 18th
Time: 17:00

Venue: Central Asian EXPO (CAEx), Tashkent

Admission to the lecture is free, but prior registration is mandatory. You can register through the following link:

Don't miss this unique event that promises to reshape your perception of business and success. Join us on November 18th at 17:00 at Central Asian EXPO.