Central Asian University's Professors at the Forefront of Two Pivotal ERASMUS+ Initiatives

We are elated to unveil not one, but two extraordinary milestones that serve as resounding testaments to Central Asian University's steadfast dedication to innovation, education, and sustainable advancement.
"CirculEC" Project: Nurturing Ingenuity in Sustainable Development
Central Asian University takes profound pride in being selected as the recipient of the esteemed EU-funded ERASMUS+ "CirculEC" project. This monumental endeavor has been meticulously crafted to cultivate innovation by fashioning forward-looking curricula and modules centered around circular economy and sustainable development. Firmly anchored in our commitment to amplify the prowess of higher education institutions (HEIs) across a diverse spectrum of Central Asian nations, this initiative stands as a testament to our ethos of nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

At the helm of this transformative initiative stands Dr. Sardor Azam, the distinguished Head of the CAU Center for Interdisciplinary Applied Research. Encompassing a dynamic consortium, spanning 10 Central Asian and 4 European universities, our collective endeavor strives to arm our students, faculty, and the broader public with skills and competencies meticulously tailored to resonate with the distinctive requisites of each Central Asian nation. By engaging directly with the intricacies of local labor markets and environmental dynamics, "CirculEC" unequivocally positions Central Asian University as a vanguard of sustainable transformation.
"EMPOWER" Project: Redefining Gender Dynamics in Business
Empowering gender equality within the realm of business constitutes a pivotal cornerstone of Central Asian University's overarching vision. An exemplary embodiment of this aspiration is the "EMPOWER" project, a collaborative endeavor that we lead with distinction. Professor Janar Abuova's exceptional proposal has garnered funding through the esteemed ERASMUS-EDU-2023-CBHE initiative, marking a resounding accomplishment. This transformative alliance boasts the prestigious inclusion of institutions such as the German Technical University and the Bulgarian Varna University of Management, harmoniously intertwined with the dedication of our local partners.

Our mission remains steadfast and resolute: to embolden women entrepreneurs through a robust array of meticulously crafted training programs, personalised mentorship avenues, immersive networking events, and insightful research pursuits, all encapsulated within the overarching umbrella of "EMPOWER." Our intent with this endeavour is nothing short of revolutionising the entrepreneurial landscape of Uzbekistan. This entails surmounting gender disparities, catalysing a renaissance of success narratives reverberating across industries.
These remarkable accomplishments resoundingly underscore Central Asian University's unwavering allegiance to the pinnacle of education and innovation. As we continue to spearhead these transformative undertakings, we chart a trajectory towards a brighter, more equitable future for our cherished students and the broader societal fabric. Remain engaged and attuned to our journey as we steadfastly navigate the path of meaningful change, driven by the forces of education and empowerment.