The First Day of the "Central Asian International Business Conference 2024" Sets a New Tone for Global Business Interaction

Tashkent, Uzbekistan – The "Central Asian International Business Conference 2024" at Central Asian University kicked off with a first day full of business marathon that brought together top experts and business leaders from around the world. The event started with an official introduction of the university's resources and plans, as well as the cultural and economic achievements of Uzbekistan.
Distinguished guests of the event included Karim Derbas, CEO of Palma Holding, known for his significant projects in Dubai; Selim Bassoul, head of Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, a major operator of amusement parks in North America; and Naaman Atalla, CEO of Nakheel, who shared unique experiences of developing projects like the Palm Jumeirah.
The closed training session, led by Karim Derbas and the Wiederhorn brothers from FAT Brands, gave delegates a deep dive into the details of successful international business and high-level capital management.
The evening panel discussion, which included a wide audience and star speakers, turned into an open dialogue, allowing participants to exchange opinions and strategies.
Central Asian University thanks all participants for their activity and contribution to the successful conduct of the first day of the conference. We are pleased to continue the tradition of such events aimed at developing global business leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.

Stay with us at the "Central Asian International Business Conference 2024", where new opportunities will be created and the future of the global economy will be shaped.