Central Asian University Highlights Student Participation in International Conference on Cervical Cancer Elimination

Central Asian University is proud to announce the participation of our students in the esteemed "International Conference on the Outcomes of the KOFIH and the Institute of Virology Project," held in Uzbekistan. This significant conference focused on "Steps Towards the Elimination of Cervical Cancer in the Republic of Uzbekistan."

Key Objectives of the Conference:

  • Exchange of advanced diagnostic and treatment methods for cervical cancer.
  • Presentation of the latest research and breakthroughs in the medical field.
  • Promotion of international cooperation in the fight against cervical cancer.

The conference brought together experts and scientists from Uzbekistan, Germany, France, England, South Korea, and Russia, each contributing their knowledge and experience to this vital cause.

Our students were presented with an invaluable opportunity to interact with world-class specialists in the field. They gained critical insights into the latest scientific discoveries and approaches to combating cervical cancer, significantly enhancing their academic and professional development.

Central Asian University takes immense pride in our students' participation in such a crucial international event. Their commitment to scientific progress and their eagerness to acquire new knowledge is truly commendable and inspiring.

Central Asian University continues to encourage and support our students in such endeavors, reinforcing our commitment to global collaboration and scientific research.