Central Asian University is excited to announce the opening of applications for our preparatory courses with a guaranteed subsequent admission to the university.

Central Asian University, one of the country's leading universities, proudly launches a unique preparatory course program for prospective students. These courses not only provide a deep understanding of key academic disciplines but also offer an exclusive pathway to enter the university without entrance exams.
More about the courses and their advantages:

Seamless Transition to University: The preparatory courses are designed to ease the transition from high school to university, reducing academic and psychological barriers for applicants.

Expert Faculty: The programs are led by instructors with international experience, employing advanced teaching methodologies to ensure high-quality knowledge.

Personalized Approach and Small Groups: Special attention is paid to each student's individual characteristics, ensuring effective assimilation of the material and catering to each student's unique needs. Modern Educational Environment: Classes take place in the university's new campus, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, creating a motivating atmosphere and promoting better learning.

Development of Essential Skills: In addition to academic knowledge, the courses focus on developing critical thinking, communication skills, and competencies essential for successful study and future career. Access to University Resources: Students have full access to the library, sports facilities, and other educational resources, enhancing their educational experience.

Quality Assurance: Central Asian University ensures the highest level of education, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews and the successes of our students.

Courses Features:

Multi-Level Program: The courses are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, allowing each student to start learning at the level that matches their current knowledge and skills. Interactive Learning: The use of modern technologies and interactive teaching methods makes the learning process exciting and effective.

Convenient Learning: Considering the busy schedules of school students, all classes are held at convenient times – after 4:00 pm.

Central Asian University invites you to take part in this unique educational program. Don't miss your chance to receive an excellent education and a confident start in university life!

Apply today on our website and join the CAU family!

For more information, please contact us in any way convenient for you:

Official Call-center: 71 200-05-22
Direct Admissions Office number: 71 208-12-34

Instagram: @cauniversity.official