Central Asian University Hosts the Third Annual Harvard Business Case Competition

Central Asian University (CAU) is proud to announce the commencement of the Third Annual Harvard Business Case Competition, an event organized by the CAU Business School. This prestigious competition is designed to refine the practical business skills of students through rigorous analysis and solution of real-world cases developed by Harvard Business School.

This year, the competition has attracted a record participation with around 100 teams from the Business, Medical, and Engineering Schools at CAU. After a meticulous selection process, the chosen teams are now engaging in a month-long intensive training regimen, which began with the first session on April 6th. During this session, participants were introduced to the essentials of the case method, focusing on financial and marketing analysis pertinent to the cases.
The competition kicked off with the engaging case study "The Voice War Continues: Hey Google vs. Alexa vs. Siri," setting a dynamic tone for the event. Over the next few weeks, teams will face a new challenge weekly, presenting their case solutions to a panel of distinguished judges.

The climax of the competition is scheduled for May 5th, where the finalists will present their solutions in the ultimate showdown. The event will be graced by notable business leaders from global corporations such as Saudi Aramco and Coca-Cola, as well as local entrepreneurs. Esteemed guests from Harvard Business School and Colorado State University, along with representatives from the Big 3 consulting firms and the Big 4 accounting firms, will also be in attendance.
We invite all to stay tuned as our talented participants demonstrate their analytical skills and innovative problem-solving abilities in the Third Annual Harvard Business Case Competition at CAU.
About Central Asian University: Central Asian University is committed to excellence in education and leadership development. Through events like the Harvard Business Case Competition, CAU continues to foster a proactive environment for future leaders in the global business landscape.