Professor, Dr. Temur Duschanov has successfully completed fellowships and honorary programs at universities in Japan and the USA

Central Asian University Celebrates Dr. Temur Duschanov's Remarkable Achievements in Neurosurgery
Central Asian University (CAU) proudly announces the exceptional achievements of Dr Temur Duschanov, a distinguished Neurosurgeon and esteemed Professor who also serves as the Vice-Dean of the Medical School at CAU. Dr Duschanov's remarkable accomplishments in the field of neurosurgery have garnered global recognition, and the university takes immense pride in celebrating his success.

Dr Duschanov's journey in the medical world is characterised by dedication, excellence, and a thirst for continuous learning. With double fellowships in Neurosurgery from prestigious institutions in Japan and the USA, he brings unparalleled expertise to CAU, enriching the academic environment for faculty and students.

Recently, Dr Duschanov achieved an Honorary Fellowship at the prestigious University of Wisconsin-Madison Hospital Department of Neurosurgery, where he had the privilege to be mentored by the world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr Mustafa Baskaya (Madison, WI, USA). This invaluable experience has broadened his skills and empowered him to utilise his knowledge and expertise in treating neurosurgical patients within Uzbekistan, making groundbreaking advancements in the local medical landscape.
In addition to his Honorary Fellowship, Dr Duschanov completed an Advanced Skull Base and Cerebrovascular Fellowship, along with the Microsurgical Bypass Curriculum. These achievements are a testament to his unwavering commitment to professional development and keeping himself at the forefront of medical advancements in neurosurgery.

Dr Duschanov's expertise spans various neurosurgical conditions, including spine disc herniations, brain tumours, trigeminal neuralgias, arteriovenous malformations, skull base lesions, and more. His exceptional skills and vast experience have led to numerous successful treatments, improving patients' lives.

Beyond his contributions in the operating room, Dr Duschanov is also a dedicated educator, playing a vital role in shaping the next generation of medical professionals at CAU's Medical School. Through his mentorship, he inspires and guides students to excel in the complex and demanding field of neurosurgery.

Dr Duschanov's achievements inspire the entire university community, encouraging a culture of excellence, innovation, and dedication to the pursuit of knowledge. Central Asian University continues to be committed to fostering an environment that nurtures outstanding talents like Dr Duschanov and provides a platform for their continued growth and success.

As CAU celebrates the exceptional accomplishments of Dr Temur Duschanov, the university looks forward to witnessing his future endeavours in advancing the frontiers of neurosurgery and contributing to the advancement of medical sciences in Uzbekistan and beyond.