Student loans
CAU Students can receive educational loans – government-supported and commercial loans.
The government-supported loan program

The Government of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution on 18 August 2021 on issuing educational loans to the students.
The loans are issued through local commercial banks on preferential terms. The banks process the applications for loans within five working days.

Terms of loans

Interest rate: equal to the basic rate of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan (currently 14% APR)
Loan period: Loan is repaid within seven years after student graduation.'

The University assistant

The administration of Central Asian University can assist students in receiving loans. Please get in touch with Academic Affairs if you need help obtaining educational loans.

Commercial loans

Students of CAU can also receive loans from Uzbekistan's commercial banks on market conditions. The interest rates of the loans differ from bank to bank. Please get in touch with the banks regarding commercial loans.