English Proficiency Scholarship (EPS)
Central Asian University strongly believes that the English language certainly helps students get knowledge in the field of study faster and more effectively because students with high English Proficiency Levels have the advantage of understanding and learning Lectures taught in English.

To motivate the students to study better and keep their knowledge at a high level, Central Asian University launched the following scholarship program for its future students.

Up to 20% Scholarship is offered to students based on their IELTS/TOEFL/Duolingo score:

  • 5% Scholarship – Based on an IELTS score of – 7
  • 10% Scholarship – Based on IELTS score of 7.5
  • 15% Scholarship – Based on IELTS score of 8
  • 20% Scholarship – Based on an IELTS score of 8.5 – above
* https://www.ets.org/s/toefl/pdf/linking_toefl_ibt_scores_to_ielts_scores.pdf – IELTS and TOEFL Total Score Comparisons
Scholarship Requirements
  1. Applicants must pass a scholarship screening by the department to maintain or upgrade the following semester depending on their test scores AND
  2. Present the language test score certificate equal to or higher than one of the scores above.
EPS is only given to applicants who apply every semester and pass the scholarship screening Academic Affairs offers.
  • The awarded scholarship is valid for one semester and until the English certificate expires
  • After the English certificate expires, students can not apply for EPS unless they upgrade the test score. (For example, a student’s IELTS 7 certificate expired, and they want to use EPS again; in this case, they can apply for EPS only with a higher score(7.5 or higher) than the previous test score. This score upgrade policy does not apply to those who have an IELTS score of 8 or higher)
  • If a student receives a grade of C0 or below for any one of the courses throughout a semester and an average GPA below 2.0/4.3, the student is NOT eligible to apply for EPS in the following semester
  • Students who have merit scholarships are still eligible to apply for EPS. In case they are awarded EPS, their total scholarship amount is calculated as the total percentage of both types of scholarships (Max 100%)
※ Note: Test scores are valid only if the test date is within two (2) years from the document submission deadline.
Notes for Scholarships 1) The Scholarship policy may be subject to change or adjustment depending on the circumstances.