Central Asian University Business School’s Stellar Performance at the Harvard Business Case Competition 2024

Central Asian University Business School, a beacon of excellence and innovation in business education in Central Asia, proudly announces the outstanding success of our students at the 2024 Harvard Business Case Competition, held at our prestigious Tashkent campus. This competition underscored our dedication to nurturing the next generation of business leaders equipped to navigate and shape the global business landscape.
Central Asian University Business School has rapidly emerged as a hub for entrepreneurial spirit and strategic thinking. With programs designed to integrate practical experience with deep theoretical knowledge, the school provides a robust foundation in various business disciplines. Our partnerships with leading global institutions and businesses enhance our educational offerings and provide our students with unparalleled opportunities to learn from the best.
This year’s competition featured complex business cases meticulously selected by a committee of business school professors with diverse backgrounds in various fields of business. Their collective expertise ensured a challenging and enriching experience for all participants.
The distinguished panel of judges for the event included Kamran Gulyamov, Rector of Central Asian University; Kareem Derbas, CEO of PALMA Holding; Naaman Atallah, CEO of NAKHEEL; Taylor and Thayer Wiederhorn, CIO and COO of FAT Brands; Selim Bassoul, CEO of Six Flags; Botir Kobilov, a notable Harvard PhD graduate; and Bayazid Malikov, distinguished MBA graduate from MIT Sloan; among other global business leaders. Their expertise and insights contributed immensely to the depth of the event.

Our students tackled the following business challenges:

1. The Voice War Continues: Hey Google vs. Alexa vs. Siri in 2022 - Teams crafted forward-thinking strategies to enhance Google's voice assistant market share.

2. IKEA's Sustainability Options: Circular Economy, Green Growth, or Degrowth - Students navigated IKEA's sustainability challenges, proposing balanced strategies that could lead the company towards sustainable growth.

3. Ferrari: Shifting to Carbon Neutrality - Our participants devised paths for Ferrari to achieve carbon neutrality, focusing on sustainable luxury branding.

4. Driving Decarbonization at BMW - The final case saw our students outlining innovative decarbonization strategies for BMW, integrating sustainability with luxury and performance.
Our winners, sophomores Azizakhon Atkhamova, Sevinchxon Karimova, Sevinch Rahimjonova, and Shakhrizoda Yuldasheva, excelled with their insightful analyses and solutions, impressing the judges with presentations that mirrored the depth typically expected from seasoned MBA candidates.

Central Asian University Business School remains committed to enhancing its educational impact. The success at the Harvard Business Case Competition highlights our strategic mission to mold students into future business leaders—critical thinkers capable of making significant contributions to their industries and communities globally.
As we celebrate this victory, we look forward to expanding the scope of the Harvard Business Case Competition to include a broader array of participants from local and international universities, setting a new standard for excellence in business case competitions worldwide.