CAU Dental School Secures First UK Dentistry Patent in Uzbekistan

Central Asian University Dental School Achieves Historic Milestone with UK Government Design Patent Registration

Central Asian University (CAU) Dental School proudly announces its recent achievement of successfully registering its first UK Government Design Patent in Dentistry. This significant accomplishment marks the university's commitment to innovation and excellence in dental research and practice.

The UK Government Design Patent is a prestigious legal protection that ensures the exclusive right of a design to its holder in the UK. With this registration, CAU Dental School's groundbreaking design has received official recognition and protection under UK law.

This historic achievement stands out even more as it represents the FIRST registered UK Patent of Dentistry in Uzbekistan, as per the current data.

The success of this endeavor can be attributed to the unwavering dedication and expertise of Prof. Dr. Niladri Maiti, PhD, Dean of CAU Dental School. His relentless efforts and commitment have been pivotal in attaining this milestone, setting a benchmark for regional dental research and innovation.

The entire CAU community celebrates this accomplishment, which underscores the university's potential in research and its vision to be at the forefront of academic and practical advancements. This achievement sets CAU Dental School apart from its regional competitors and emphasises its role in pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence in dentistry.

For more details on this achievement, the public and interested parties can view the official recognition on the UK government website under the "Registered Design" section.

Central Asian University extends its profound gratitude to Prof. Dr. Niladri Maiti for his invaluable contribution to this significant achievement. His leadership and dedication have been instrumental in bringing this vision to fruition.

CAU Dental School remains committed to its mission of advancing dental education, research, and practice, and thanks everyone who has been a part of this remarkable journey.

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