Three Professors of CAU Business School published their research in top ranked journals

We are proud to share that three esteemed professors from CAU Business School, namely Dr Sherzodbek Dadaboyev, Dr Shoirahon Odilova, and Dr Sardor Azam, have achieved a remarkable milestone by publishing their groundbreaking research in top-ranked journals, all ranked Q1 in Scopus.

Dr Dadaboyev's research paper, titled "Workplace Deviance, Emotional State, and Reparative Behaviors: Task Visibility as a Boundary Condition in a Mediated Moderation Model," has been published in the prestigious Baltic Journal of Management. This journal holds an esteemed position in SSCI and ranks Q1 in Scopus across the domains of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management and Business and International Management. You can access the paper via this link:

Another significant contribution comes from Dr Shoirahon Odilova and Dr Sardor Azam, who co-authored the research paper "Investing in the Future: A Systematic Literature Review on Renewable Energy and Its Impact on Financial Returns." This exceptional study has been published in the renowned International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, ranking Q1 in Scopus. You can explore their findings here:

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these brilliant minds for their exceptional achievements. Their dedication to advancing knowledge in their respective fields is commendable, and we are immensely proud to have them as part of our academic community at CAU.