Ermak Company Explores Partnership with CAU Export Lab

Ermak Company, led by CEO Validjan Salihov, recently visited the CAU Export Lab to discuss a new partnership aimed at boosting Ermak's export capabilities and providing real-world experience for CAU students. Ermak, established in 1992, has grown significantly, with revenues exceeding 100+ billion UZS, a workforce of over 700, and exports worth $1.5 billion. The company is known for its diverse product range, including snacks, seeds, juices, nectars, jams, and dairy products.
The collaboration with CAU Export Lab, under the guidance of Prof. Valijon Turakulov, focuses on utilizing the lab's market research expertise to expand Ermak's exports. Additionally, the agreement offers Business School students the opportunity to visit Ermak's Jizzah branch for summer internships, providing them with practical industry exposure.
This partnership between Ermak Company and CAU Export Lab is a step towards closer ties between academia and industry, offering promising opportunities for both parties.