Central Asian University's Medical School Makes a Landmark Contribution to International Medical Research

Central Asian University takes immense pride in announcing the publication of an influential article in the Global Heart journal, which holds a first-quartile ranking in Scopus. This marks the first work with Central Asian Affiliation authored by Dr. Evgeniya Shalaeva, MD, MPH, CHES, PhD candidate, and the university's medical school dean, to be featured in such a prominent publication.

The study delves into the critical issues of medication adherence and the following of healthy lifestyle recommendations among patients with type 2 diabetes and peripheral arterial disease.

Entitled "Impact of Persistent Medication Adherence and Compliance with Lifestyle Recommendations on Major Cardiovascular Events and One-Year Mortality in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Advanced Stages of Atherosclerosis: Results From a Prospective Cohort Study," the article underscores the necessity for an integrated approach to health management in the face of severe chronic conditions.

Through their research, Dr. Shalaeva and her colleagues have delivered invaluable data and perspectives that significantly affect patients, medical professionals, and the overall healthcare framework. As a testament to its status as a vanguard of scientific and pedagogical excellence, Central Asian University holds the resolve and expertise of its academic and research staff, whose substantial contributions fortify the global scientific discourse, in high regard.

Central Asian University endorses and champions research endeavors that foster health and prosperity worldwide. We extend my best wishes to Dr. Shalaeva and her team for their ongoing triumphs in their esteemed quest to enhance human life via scientific progress and innovation.

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