Celebrating Dilorom Akramova's Achievement: Instructional Leadership Certificate from Harvard University

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our educational community. Our esteemed ELT instructor, Dilorom Akramova, earned her Instructional Leadership Certificate (ILC) from Harvard University's Graduate School of Education's prestigious online Professional Development program.

📆 Journey Through Four Terms

Ms. Akramova's achievement results from her unwavering commitment over four terms, from June 2021 to May 2023. During this period, she meticulously completed four enriching modules:

1️⃣ "Articulating the Intangibles of Teaching: Aligning Your Purpose"

2️⃣ "Instructional Coaching Through Change: Supporting Teachers in Action"

3️⃣ "Leading Teacher Teams: Promoting Growth Through Effective Collaboration"

4️⃣ "Teachers Mentoring Teachers: Practices for Powerful Professional Communities"

🛠️ Refining the Toolkit

Participating in the ILC program has empowered Ms. Akramova to refine her teaching mission and develop a comprehensive toolkit of instructional mentoring strategies. These methodologies, grounded in the latest research on adult development and responsive coaching models, are set to elevate her capabilities in supporting fellow educators.

Global Dialogue & Collaboration

Ms. Akramova also highlighted the enriching experience of being part of an ILC cohort facilitating a global dialogue. This platform enabled her to engage in insightful exchanges with educators from diverse backgrounds, enriching her perspective on leadership and mentoring practices.

What's Next?

Ms. Akramova is excited to implement her newfound skills and insights in her current role as an ELT instructor. She is also eager to share her knowledge with colleagues, aspiring students, and apprentice teachers at Central Asian University.

Please join us in congratulating Dilorom Akramova on this remarkable achievement!