CAU School of Dentistry Students Shine at IDEC 2023 in Jakarta!

Central Asian University is proud to announce the successful participation of its School of Dentistry students in the prestigious Dental Conference and Exhibition of Indonesia (IDEC 2023) in Jakarta. This significant event, held over a week, provided an unparalleled opportunity for our students to engage in global networking and academic exchange with leading experts in the field of dentistry.
The conference, a gathering of distinguished professionals and academics from around the world, featured a series of enlightening sessions and discussions. Speakers from the USA, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and other countries shared their insights and latest research in modern dentistry, offering our students a unique perspective on the advancements and innovations in the field.
Central Asian University's commitment to fostering international academic relationships was further highlighted by the invitation of our Dental School's Dean as a Keynote Speaker. Representing both the university and Uzbekistan, the Dean's participation underscored our institution's growing reputation in the global academic community.

This participation in IDEC 2023 is a testament to Central Asian University's dedication to providing its students with opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills beyond the classroom. The experience gained by our students at this international platform is invaluable, contributing significantly to their academic and professional development.

Central Asian University extends its heartfelt congratulations to the students and faculty of the School of Dentistry for their outstanding representation at the conference. We are committed to continuing our support for such initiatives that promote academic excellence and global collaboration.