Hospitality Management & Tourism
Unlock Your Potential with a Dual Degree from CAU and HTMi Switzerland


  • 37 500 000 UZS
BA in International Hospitality Management & Tourism
Dive into the heart of hospitality and tourism with CAU's innovative Bachelor of Arts programs. Our unique partnership with HTMi Switzerland, a leader in hospitality education ranked #18 globally, sets our curriculum apart. This collaboration prepares you for the ever-evolving global hospitality and tourism industries, emphasizing practical skills alongside academic theory.
Swiss Hospitality in Uzbekistan
Central Asian University is excited to present a groundbreaking Dual Degree program in partnership with HTMi Switzerland, offering students an unparalleled educational route. Upon completion, graduates will receive a degree from Central Asian University along with a distinguished diploma from HTMi, a globally recognized leader in hospitality education. This dual credential gives our graduates a significant advantage in the international job market by combining in-depth academic learning with globally esteemed professional qualifications.
    Dual Degree Program
    The dual degree program with HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland offers a unique opportunity to study in the heart of global hospitality. Swiss education in hospitality and tourism is considered the industry's gold standard, opening doors for graduates worldwide.
    Practical Experience and Global Network
    Practical experience is crucial for success in the hospitality and tourism sectors. Our partnerships with top enterprises like Hilton Tashkent City and key brands like KFC Uzbekistan allow students to gain vital hands-on experience and start networking from their first year, providing a significant advantage.
    International Career
    Enrolling at Central Asian University makes you a top candidate for premier hospitality firms, offering a gateway to start at leading hotels, restaurants, and resorts. The international curriculum, including opportunities in Switzerland, enhances cultural understanding and prepares you for a global career in hospitality and tourism.
    CAU's Membership in ICHRIE: Enhancing Our Global Reach
    As a proud member of the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education (ICHRIE), CAU gains access to premier resources and networks in hospitality and tourism education, benefiting both our faculty and students.
    Industry Partners
    Hilton Tashkent City
    KFC Uzbekistan
    Wyndham Bukhara
    Hampton Tashkent
    Bentley Hotel Tashkent
    Wellmore Resort Hotel

    What you'll study

    The program is structured to build progressively over four years, starting with foundational knowledge in hospitality and tourism, moving through advanced topics and practical experience, focusing on management skills, and culminating in leadership and strategic planning. Each year aims to deepen understanding and skills, preparing students for real-world applications in their future careers.

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