CAU Professor Represents at International Events in South Korea

Central Asian University is proud to share the remarkable participation of Dr. Valijon Turakulov, PhD, a distinguished professor from our Business School, in several key events in South Korea from December 8th to 10th, 2023.

Dr. Turakulov attended the Annual Conference of the Korea International Trade Association, where he presented on a crucial topic: "The Right Sequence for Uzbekistan's Trade Integration: Should it Join the WTO first or begin with EAEU membership?" His insights shed light on strategic decisions impacting Uzbekistan's global trade relations.

Additionally, Dr. Turakulov contributed his expertise at a seminar focusing on "Assessing Russia-Central Asia Trade Before and After Russia-Ukraine Conflict." This seminar provided a deep dive into the complexities of international trade dynamics in the current geopolitical landscape.

Furthermore, Dr. Turakulov had a meaningful interaction with Uzbekistan students in South Korea at an event organized by WAYU at the Uzbekistan Embassy in Seoul. He spoke on "The Peak of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: How to Discover Yourself?" offering guidance and inspiration to students abroad.

These events highlight reflect CAU's commitment to engaging in global academic and trade discussions. We are thrilled to see our faculty contributing to important international dialogues and fostering connections with students worldwide.