Dr. Dilmurad Saatovich Irgashev Delivers a Guest Lecture at Central Asian University

The School of Medicine at Central Asian University (CAU) was honored to host a remarkable guest lecture titled "Clinical Skills as the Foundation of Student Preparation," delivered by the esteemed Dr. Dilmurad Saatovich Irgashev, a renowned Doctor of Medicine specializing in andrology, sexopathology, and reproductology.

Dr. Irgashev, a member of the International and European Association of Sexual Disorders and the Russian Association of Human Reproduction, shared his extensive knowledge and experience, offering invaluable insights to our students. His expertise in the field provided a unique learning opportunity, emphasizing the critical role of clinical skills in medical education.

The lecture was not only informative but also deeply inspiring, highlighting the challenges and opportunities in the medical field. Dr. Irgashev's engaging presentation style and profound knowledge made for an unforgettable educational experience for all attendees.

Central Asian University extends its deepest gratitude to Dr. Irgashev for his significant contribution to our academic community. His lecture has profoundly impacted our students, enriching their understanding and preparation for their future careers in medicine.

We thank Dr. Irgashev for an enlightening and memorable session and look forward to hosting more such enriching events that inspire and educate our students at CAU.