The 9th International EMI Congress at Central Asian University

Central Asian University proudly announces the successful conclusion of the second day of the 9th International EMI Congress on Entrepreneurship and Social Sciences. This prestigious event, held from November 7-10, is a beacon of academic discussion and innovation, drawing participation from around the globe.

The University extends its gratitude to the diverse group of participants who have brought their expertise and innovative solutions to the table, contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals. The value of their research and the vibrant discussions have been integral in propelling the academic dialogue forward.

The day was marked by a series of inspirational presentations and spirited debates highlighting the critical importance of research and the power of collaborative effort in the field of social sciences. The Congress was inaugurated with the sage insights of Associate Professor Dr. Mohammed Abubakar, who spoke eloquently on our shared duties and the quest for knowledge sharing.

Celebrating its tradition since 2018, the Congress adopts a hybrid format, inviting both physical and virtual attendance. Over its tenure, the Congress has been a stage for presenting over 1500 papers by scholars hailing from across the planet, fostering a space for original scientific discussions, publishing proceedings with ISBN, and offering recognition for exceptional contributions.

Special thanks are directed to the administration of Central Asian University and Prof. Dr. Erdogan Ekiz, Dean of the School of Hospitality Management & Tourism, for orchestrating an event of such magnitude and relevance.

Central Asian University remains committed to extending its network of scholars and practitioners, confident in the knowledge that these new connections will pave the way for future breakthroughs in entrepreneurship and social sciences.

Together, we are crafting a future that will be a testament to our collective efforts and something we can all take pride in.