Conclusion of the Research Month at Central Asian University (CAU)

Central Asian University proudly announces the conclusion of the Research Month, held on November 16, 2023. This significant event marked the culmination of a month filled with scientific discoveries and academic achievements.

Throughout the month, 22 sessions were conducted on various topics, including effective use of international databases, research ethics, and specialized seminars in medicine, engineering, and hospitality. We extend our gratitude to the 17 professors and all the students for their active participation and contribution to the success of these sessions.

Special recognition is given to the winners who were awarded a trip to Dubai:

  • Best Student Researcher of CAU: Ms. Yasemin Saydakhmedova (Dental School) and Ms. Aziza Tavakkalova (Medical School).
  • Most Active Student of the Research Month: Ms. Farida Rakhmanberdieva (Dental School) and Ms. Zebuniso Pirimova (Medical School).

We also express our appreciation to the professors:

  • Dr. Gulnoza Usmonova (Business School), for the best seminar of the month based on student feedback.
  • Dr. Sherzodbek Dadaboyev (Business School), for the next best seminar of the month based on student feedback.

The Research Month at CAU emphasized the importance of knowledge exchange, experience sharing, and stimulating scientific creativity among students. We are confident that these events contribute to the further development of scientific research both within our university and beyond.

We encourage all students to actively participate in similar events in the future and continue to contribute to the advancement of science and education.

Thank you to all participants for your contribution and pursuit of knowledge!